Digital Signatures & the Florida Statutes

Plans, specifications, plats, reports, or other documents submitted in electronic format for review must be signed and sealed electronically pursuant to Florida Statutes Chapter 471.025, 481.221, and 668.001-006. Specifically, with reference to Florida Statutes Chapter 481 and Florida Administrative Rule 61G1-16.005 for Architects, or Florida Statutes Chapter 471 and Florida Administrative Code Rule 61G15- 23.003 (2) for Engineers. Scanned copies of signed and sealed documents are not an accepted electronic submittal method (See Subsection (1) of 61G15-23.003) There are many different accepted methods for digitally signing and sealing a plan using commonly accepted public / private key technology provided by various vendors. Some are listed on our ePlan web site. It is important that any method that is utilized be accompanied by a signed and sealed statement from the professional that the method and software that have been utilized to sign and seal the plans complies with the intent of the Board Rules. Plans examiners cannot approve plans without the appropriate Electronic Signature and Seal. This would be done through ProjectDox which is our electronic plan review software. Although the Florida Statutes cover electronic plan submittals and digital signatures, the city has broad home rule authority under Article VIII, Section 2 of the Florida Constitution and Chapter 166, Florida Statutes to regulate in many areas. Sections 166.222, 553.791 and 553.80 Florida Statutes specifically authorizes municipalities to provide a schedule of reasonable inspection fees in order to defer the costs of inspection and enforcement of building codes. In particular, section 553.80(7(a) as it relates to the enforcement by local governments of the building codes recognizes that the term enforcement includes the review of building plans, inspections, permit processing, etc. So, the city has broad home rule powers to establish an EPlans system as a means of deferring the costs associated with the submittal and review of plans, conducting inspections, etc.

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13. Digital Signatures & the Florida Statutes
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