SizeUp Ormond Beach

SizeUp Business Analytics Tool

SizeUp Ormond Beach is a free, robust business analytics tool designed to support small and medium-sized businesses in a variety of stages, from entrepreneur looking to start their first business to a seasoned business owner looking to expand their customer base. SizeUp Ormond Beach can assist in providing answers to:

  • Where should I start my business in Ormond Beach?
  • Who are my competitors and how do I perform compared to them?
  • How can I find more customers?
  • How do I identify the best places to locate and advertise my business?

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City of Ormond Beach Economic Development Department

The Economic Development Department is proactive in supporting local business. Staff works with companies to build and grow their businesses. Please contact us if you would like assistance using SizeUp Ormond Beach, need additional data, or would like to discuss the expansion or relocation or your business please contact the Economic Development Director directly at (386) 676-3266 or