ProjectDox ePlans

ProjectDox Electronic Plan Review (ePlan) is a web-based document workflow solution that allows citizens and City staff to initiate and complete the building permit plan submission, review, and approval process online, as opposed to a manual, in-person and paper-based process.

Click here to access ProjectDox Electronic Plan Review (ePlan).

Unlike the current paper system, ePlan allows for several cost and time saving efficiencies including:
  • Submission of plans electronically from the convenience of your office, 24 hours, 7 days a week.
  • Simultaneous review of the plans by all professional and trade disciplines.
  • City reviewer mark-ups made directly on plans to provide direction and clarity as to any items which require correction.
  • Re-submission of corrected plans electronically from the convenience of your office.
  • Real-time return of your approved, stamped plans once the fees are paid.
When an applicant (architect, engineer, home owner, business owner or agent) submits a building permit application requiring drawings, ePlan will invite the contractor and/or agent by email to upload the electronic drawings and all relevant schedules and documents. City review staff will then have simultaneous access to review the plans and note any corrections directly on the plans for absolute clarity. The applicant is notified of any corrections needed and the updated plans are electronically re-submitted to the City. When the plans are in order and fees paid, the applicant can download the approved stamped plans and their permit placard.

As a web-based platform, all that ePlan requires is an Internet Explorer Version 6 or greater browser running on a Windows operating system. For direct access to the ePlans web site, go to


Building Permit Applications can be submitted to

A Site Plan Review Application can be submitted to

** Effective September 26, 2016, all licensed design professionals must complete, stamp, and submit a Digital Signature Form to the City for verification of their 3rd Party Authenticated Digital Signature. **