Garage Sale Regulations

Rules & Restrictions

The following rules and regulations apply to all citizens applying for a permit to hold a garage sale in the City of Ormond Beach: 
  • Any items to be sold were neither acquired nor consigned for the purposes of resale.
  • Only the permit furnished by the City of Ormond Beach is to be displayed in full view at the physical address of the garage sale. No other sign is permitted, either at the sale address or at any other location including any street corners, rights of way, nor attached to other sign posts (such as street signs, light posts). Signs posted at locations other than the sale address will be removed and the applicant may be subject to code violations to include possible fines.
  • The sale may not continue for more than three consecutive days (that begin on the date indicated on the permit). Should the sale be rained out and not be able to occur, the sale may be held instead one week later under the same permit (rain out date). Should the sale be also rained out on the ‘rain out date,’ the permit holder must contact the City of Ormond Beach at 386-676-3233 (Building Department) to request a new permit (no charge). Permits will not be re-issued for rain out dates beyond the above noted process without further charges.  *The sale CAN be rescheduled to the weekend after the original planned date as long as it is not held following the expiration date on the permit.
  • The applicant is responsible for the proper parking for those attending the sale. Vehicles for those citizens attending the sale are to be parked in a lawful and orderly manner, and may not damage the property of others in the vicinity. Parking on neighborhood lawns (and the like) is prohibited.
  • Any item offered for sale at the garage sale is not to be displayed closer than 15 feet from a road or sidewalk, if the neighborhood has sidewalks.
  • Any item offered for sale at the garage sale is not to be set out or displayed earlier than sunrise on the first day of the sale, and must be removed by sunset on the last day of the garage sale.
  • Garage sales are strictly limited to three sales at the same address by the same applicant during a calendar year.