Strategic Economic Development Plan

Mission Statement

The mission of the Strategic Economic Plan is to influence the existing and future landscape of Ormond Beach by being proactive in business retention, expansion and attraction.

Macro Goals

  • Expand the Ormond Beach non-residential tax base and other revenue sources.
  • Provide for a variety of employment opportunities in Ormond Beach.
  • Maintain and increase financial wealth of Ormond Beach residents.
  • Ensure quality commercial and industrial development.
  • Increase participation and regional coordination of economic development efforts to eliminate redundancies. 

Plan Summary

The three-year Strategic Economic Development Plan (SEDP) has been developed to serve the City of Ormond Beach as a guide to identifying key priorities in diversifying the City's economy. The SEDP also identifies key challenges, ensures stakeholder consensus, and formulates recommendations for the implementation of the SEDP.

The goals, objectives, and policies of the SEDP are designed in the three main areas of economic development: business retention and expansion; business recruitment; and downtown development and visitor attraction.

The Strategic Economic Development Plan is a document that City officials, residents, local businesses, and real estate investors should view as a tool in shaping the community's future financial viability. 

GOAL 1: Retain and Expand Existing Manufacturing and High Technology Businesses.

  • OBJ. 1.1 -- Foster a healthy business environment.
  • OBJ. 1.2 -- Assist businesses in hiring/training skilled labor force.
  • OBJ. 1.3 -- Assist businesses with access to capital/financial incentive programs.
  • OBJ. 1.4 -- Assist commercial/industrial business expansion.
  • OBJ. 1.5 -- Maintain "Open for Business" expedited permitting process.
  • OBJ. 1.6 -- Continue development of the Municipal Airport.

GOAL 2: Recruit New Jobs and Capital Investment to the City.

  • OBJ. 2.1 -- Create shovel ready sites.
  • OBJ. 2.2 -- Enhance strategic economic development plan implementation process.
  • OBJ. 2.3 -- Assist businesses with workforce attraction.
  • OBJ. 2.4 -- Enhance quality of life.
  • OBJ. 2.5 -- Market the City's economic development programs.

GOAL 3: Promote Downtown Redevelopment Projects

  • OBJ. 3.1 -- Facilitate downtown redevelopment projects.
  • OBJ. 3.2 -- Provide CRA and Economic Development funds for Downtown projects.
  • OBJ. 3.3 -- Promote visitor attractions to the Downtown.
  • OBJ. 3.4 -- Develop the Downtown Arts District.
  • OBJ. 3.5 -- Develop and promote a Downtown/Main Street Branding Program.
  • OBJ. 3.6 -- Create and Economic Development Plan for A1A - South of Granada Blvd.
  • OBJ. 3.7 -- Obtain Historic designation and signage for "museum corridor".
  • OBJ. 3.8 -- Develop a public informational and communications program.

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