Citizens Police Academy

What is the Citizen's Police Academy?

The Citizen's Police Academy is a five week program designed to open the lines of communication between the Ormond Beach Police Department and the community. It is the sincere desire of the Ormond Beach Police Department to develop a style of policing that reflects a collaborative effort between the community and the police. This process requires an informed citizenry and it is the goal of the CPA to increase "Understanding through Education". 

When are classes held?

To be determined. Please check back for updates. 

What topics are covered?

The curriculum is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of the operational dynamics of the Ormond Beach Police Department and the critical role citizens play in our community crime control efforts. Each class is given by Police Officers who actually work every day in the job area they are presenting. For example, Traffic Officers will discuss their role in enforcing the Traffic Laws and reducing the number of accidents in the city. Detectives will discuss the types of offenses that occur in Ormond Beach and their role in investigating those crimes. We believe that policing by partnership, the union of efforts, is essential for effective law enforcement. 

Who should attend the Citizen's Police Academy?

Any citizen who lives or works in the City of Ormond Beach is eligible to attend the Citizen Police Academy. Each class is limited to 28 people and participants are chosen to ensure a broad community representation so everyone might develop an informed understanding of the effects that social, cultural, educational and economic institutions have on our neighborhoods. Candidates must be at least 18 years of age, willing to provide information for a criminal background check and must be able to commit to attending the classes. 

How do I apply?

  1. Andy Rossi

    Officer - Crime Prevention & DARE

  2. Danielle Henderson

    Officer - Community Outreach / DARE