Previously Completed Projects

Engineering Accomplishments for Fiscal Year 2014-2015

2-inch Water Main Replacement Phase II - Mainland, North Peninsula, South Peninsula                                                                 The second phase of planned City wide water main upgrades intended to replace older 2-inch water mains with larger new PVC mains that will increase water system and fire protection system pressures, and improve water quality to residents. Construction to commence on the three projects early in summer 2015.
2014 Roadway Resurfacing Completed the 2014 annual road resurfacing contract in which approximately 3.7 miles of City streets were repaved.
2015 Roadway Resurfacing Completed the 2015 annual road resurfacing contract in which approximately 3.8 miles of City streets were repaved. Also included was the construction of a sidewalk connection from the existing sidewalk on West Granada Boulevard, along Bermuda Estates Drive to the entrance of the Bermuda Estates apartment complex.
Beach Ramp Beautification Installation of landscaping, irrigation, and decorative pavers at the Cardinal Drive beach approach. Partially funded by a Volusia County Interlocal Agreement.
CDBG Birthplace of Speed Park Ramp Replacement Replaced the wooden ramp that connects the park to the overlook deck with a new wooden, handicapped accessible ramp in accordance with current ADA standards. Partially funded by a Volusia County Community Development Block grant.
CDBG Sports Complex ADA Improvements & T-Ball Field Enhancements Construction of 8 concrete ADA parking spaces and approximately 3,800 linear feet of concrete sidewalk at the Wendelstedt Baseball Fields, Kiwanis Baseball Fields, T-Ball Fields, Soccer Fields 1-5, and between the Wendelstedt Fields and the Buttleman's Softball Quad. Partially funded by a Volusia County Community Block Development Grant.
2015 Corrugated Metal Pipe / Sanitary Sewer Pipe Lining Rehabilitation Performed restoration improvements to existing deteriorated and leaking stormdrain pipes and sanitary sewer gravity mains at various locations throughout the City, using cured-in-place pipe lining.
Downtown Granada Bridge Lighting A feasibility report was prepared to determine if FDOT would permit the installation of aesthetic lighting on the bridge to highlight its architectural features, and for displays for special events and holidays.
Downtown Streetscape Landscaping Installation of Medjool palms and up-lighting behind sidewalks on Granada Boulevard from US 1 to Beach Street, and behind sidewalks and in center medians from Halifax Drive to A1A on the beachside. Also included renovation of existing landscaping on Granada Boulevard from Orchard Street to US 1. Funded by a FDOT Joint Participation Agreement.
Environmental Learning Center 
Completed design of the center to be located on Division Avenue. Construction will commence in fiscal year 2015/16.
Fiber Optic Network Infrastructure Installation of Phase II of the fiber optic network between all major City facilities. Included in this phase were connections to Fire Station 93, Lift Station 3M, Police Station, Police Athletic League (PAL) Building, and South Ormond Neighborhood Center.
Fiber Optic Network Expansion WTP to ELC Extension of the City's fiber optic network to include the Water Treatment Plant, the future Environmental Learning Center, and Division Avenue production wells. This work provides the Utilities Department connection for the monitored SCADA system.
Granada Median Landscaping West of Interstate 95 Design, permitting, and installation of drought tolerant trees, shrubs and ornamental grasses within the existing grass medians on SR 40. Funded by a FDOT Joint Participation Agreement.
I-95 Bridge Side Slope Landscape Improvements Installation of an irrigation system on the side slops of the interstate overpass.
Laurel Parks Drainage Ditch Piping Extension of the outfall storm drain from Fleming Avenue 130 linear feet to Laurel Oaks pond, between the homes on 721 and 723 Fleming Avenue. The new pipe will alleviate a recurring erosion problem that had required continuous maintenance.
Nova Community Park - Road Paving Paved the existing dirt access road. Paved parking areas and installed wheel stops, pavement markings and added handicapped parking spaces.
Nova Community Park - Skate Park Expansion Constructed a new vendor/restroom building, expanded the skate area to include a beginners area, street skate elements, and a flowing line of travel to connect features. Additional features include a competition bowl, and Volusia County's first cradle. Partially funded by a Volusia County ECHO Grant.
OBSC Restroom Building Utilities Extension Design and construction of utilities infrastructure for the new restroom building being constructed to service the multi-use fields #11 and #12. Ormond Beach Pride Football & Cheer will be constructing the new building with funding received from the Daytona Beach Racing and Recreation Facilities District.
Riverside Drive Drainage Improvements Constructed drainage improvements to mitigate flooding that occurred to resident homes during the May 2009 storm event. Funded 100% by a FEMA/Florida Emergency Management Repetitive Flood Claims Grant.
South Peninsula Reuse Main Extension Construction of a connection of the reuse main from North Halifax Drive to Seton Trail - which will serve residents on Seton Trail and Hillside Cemetery, and from Seton Trail down Seminole Avenue, and along South Halifax Drive to Magnolia Drive. This project utilized dry reuse lines installed with the Phase I 2-Inch Water Main project.
Street Tree Planting / Reforestation Installed irrigation system and trees along the right-of-way on Wilmette Avenue, Wilmette Circle and Andrews Street.
Traffic Signal Maintenance Painted traffic signal mast arms at eight intersections on Nova Road and Granada Boulevard.

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