Downtown Underground Utilities Conversion

In the 2007 Downtown Master Plan for the City of Ormond Beach Downtown Community Redevelopment Agency, a number of items were recommended for implementation that could address the redevelopment needs of the area. One of the items identified in this update called for the City to "develop a plan for placing utilities underground including a phasing breakout and cost estimate."

The City has worked with the Ormond Beach Mainstreet Organization to define the project for placement of the aerial utilities underground, and has defined a project area that includes the conversion of utilities and services to properties located along and adjacent to the following road segments:
  • West Granada Boulevard (SR 40) from South Yonge Street (US 1) to Beach Street
  • New Britain Avenue (US 1 to Beach Street)
  • Corbin Avenue (South Washington Street to City Hall)
  • North Ridgewood Avenue (New Britain to Granada Blvd)
  • South Ridgewood Avenue (Granada Blvd to Corbin Avenue)
  • North Beach Street (New Britain to Granada Blvd)
  • South Beach Street (Granada Blvd to Tomoka Avenue)
A map highlighting the affected streets is found at the following link: View Map of Downtown Underground Conversion Area.

The City and its consultants, McKim and Creed and John Searcy and Associates, have worked with franchise utility providers in the area to complete plans and design of this project. Relocation of aerial utilities to underground utilities benefits the City and the affected properties by increasing reliability of the utilities, lower likelihood of service loss, specifically following storm events, as well as the added aesthetic benefits that are gained from the relocation of the utilities. A summary of the improvements that will occur with this project includes:
  • Conversion of electric utility distribution lines (FPL) from aerial to underground,
  • Conversion of telephone lines (AT&T) from aerial to underground,
  • Conversion of cable lines (Brighthouse) from aerial to underground,
  • Conversion of fiber optic line (Sunesys, Level3) from aerial to underground,
  • Conversion of utility service lines to properties in the project area from aerial to underground,
  • Replacement of lighting along Granada Boulevard to decorative lighting that compliments the recent roadway modifications and forthcoming landscape upgrades,
  • Installation of decorative lighting along side streets in the project area.
This project will be completed as a joint project completed in coordination between the City and its contractor, FPL, AT&T, Sunesys, and Level3 Communications. The City has selected Carter Electric based in Daytona Beach as its primary contractor for this project.