Hand Avenue Collector Road Upgrade Project

The Hand Avenue Collector Road Upgrade project includes significant roadway, drainage, and utility improvements. This project has been in the design phase for several years as staff has worked diligently with various federal and State agencies to secure grants and permits for construction of the drainage and roadway improvements. 

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A summary of the improvements that can be expected with the construction of this project include:
  • Reconstruction of the roadway with 12-foot lanes, curb and gutter, and an 8-foot sidewalk,
  • Addition of turn lanes at intersections with Center Street and S. Orchard Street
  • Upsizing of the existing stormwater piping to provide increased drainage capacity,
  • Replacement of deteriorated corrugated metal storm pipe with reinforced concrete pipe,
  • Installation of a new stormwater drainage system west of Laurel Creek and east of the railroad tracks to serve Hand Avenue,
  • Upsizing of the dual 30-inch culvert pipes at Laurel Creek with Dual 42-inch pipes to improve drainage conveyance within Laurel Creek across Hand Avenue,
  • Raising of the road in the vicinity of Thompson's Creek to reduce the frequency of road flooding,
  • Installation of a control weir to redirect stormwater west to the central park lakes from Thompson’s Creek when water elevations within Thompson’s Creek exceeds elevation of 5.0,
  • Installation of three water quality baffle boxes to provide treatment of runoff from roadway prior to discharge into the Central Park lakes.
  • Interconnection of Central Park lakes 3, 4, and 5 to provide enhanced drainage capacity and storage prior to storm events.
  • Construction of a bridge culvert where lake interconnect occurs,
  • Modifications to the Central Park sidewalk trail to accommodate the new drainage ditches,
  • Interconnection of the Lake Park Circle retention pond with Central Park Lake 4 to provide overflow relief during storm events,
  • Replacement of substandard water main and services with a new 10-inch and 8-inch water main and new services.
For more information contact the City of Ormond Beach Engineering Department at 386-676-3269.