Streets & Stormwater Maintenance

Streets Maintenance

This program ensures the maintenance and repair of the City's 156-mile network of local roads and related public right-of-way, including:
  • Maintenance of curbs, gutters and sidewalks, including minor sidewalk reconstruction
  • Repair and maintenance of traffic control signage and traffic signalization
  • Tree-trimming and removal
  • Right-of-way mowing
The Streets budget also funds street lighting costs for all street lights located on City-maintained roads.

The City receives funding from the Florida Department of Transportation for mowing right-of-way on State roads within the City limits of Ormond Beach, including State Road 40, US1, and A1A. In-house City personnel provide the services listed above except for right-of-way mowing and signage repair, which are contracted operations. In addition, the City contracts with Volusia County for repair and maintenance of traffic signalization located at City-maintained streets and intersections. 

Stormwater Maintenance

Stormwater Maintenance is responsible for maintaining 96.25 miles of the City's drainage systems in an effort to reduce flooding associated with stormwater runoff. The program responds to public concerns and needs by investigating and resolving complaints of localized flooding.

Maintenance operations are supported through a monthly fee charged to all residential and commercial units within the City limits of $7.00 per equivalent residential unit. The balance of all revenue generated by the fee that is not applied to maintenance operations, is dedicated for drainage capital improvements.

Stormwater Maintenance includes the Street-Sweeping Program that cleans the City's 156-mile road network utilizing an in-house staff-operated machine. All roads are swept once a month in an effort to aid in better drainage, reduce stormwater contamination, and reduce pedestrian or vehicle liability risks.