Business Tax Receipts

Per City Code, a business within the City is required to obtain a Business Tax Receipt (BTR) prior to opening.
  • Request the application via e-mail at
  • The list of application options are commercial, residential (home-based), or outside the city business registration. 
  • For Home-Based businesses, the Home-based Business Tax Receipt (BTR) application owner application form is required.  If the property is not in the business owner's name, business name registration is required with, if not, first and last name of business owner. 
  • For Commercial businesses, the Commercial Business Tax Receipt (BTR) application, business name registration with and a Certificate of Liability insurance with the City of Ormond Beach as the certificate holder.  This will apply to state and local licensed contractors and those that pull permits.  
  • For a restaurant, a Food Safety Certificate, Restaurant License, Alcohol License (if applicable) are required.
  • For a retail store, a Resale Certificate is required.
  • For businesses outside of the city, state and specialty licensed contractors may register with Volusia County Contractor Licensing at
  • The following may be submitted when applying for a permit, state or specialty license: local Business Tax Receipt (BTR) or exemption, worker's comp or exemption, Certificate of Liability insurance with the City of Ormond Beach as the certificate holder and the business name registration with
Online services - pay business tax, view business tax information, and renew business tax. 

*Please find a user guide for setting up citizen access accounts to help applicants through the registration process. 

Requirements for the issuance of a business tax receipt vary depending on the type of business, please contact the Building Division office for further information. 
The initial application fee is $30.00 for all categories of business.

Commercial business locations are required to pass a business fire inspection prior to receiving their business tax receipt. The fee for inspection is $45.00.

Business tax receipts are valid from October 1st through September 30th. Renewal notices are mailed after July 1st.