Development Report and Current Projects

Development Report

This Development Report lists pertinent information for all on-going projects in the City of Ormond Beach and provides the status of each. 

Ormond Beach Development Projects

Commercial Properties

ProjectLocationApplicationSite Plan
101 Fiesta DriveMapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 10/25/2022
783 North U.S. Highway 1MapApplication Site Plan Approved 05/24/2016
Air One
Site Plan Approved 09/15/2021
Boot Hill Saloon Outpost Outdoor Music
ApplicationSite Plan Submitted 11/23/2022
Complete Cardiology ExpansionMapApplicationSite Plan Approved 12/13/2022
Culver'sMapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 12/12/2022
Georgian Inn RecreationMapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 09/23/2022
Halifax Paving OfficeMapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 12/20/2022  
Hull Road RV & Boat StorageMapApplicationSite Plan Approved 04/16/2021
Interchange DepotMapApplicationSite Plan Approved 12/08/2021
Love Whole Food ExpansionMapApplicationSite Plan Approved 12/19/2022
McNamara WarehouseMapApplicationSite Plan Approved 04/27/2021
MetroNetMapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 01/03/2023
North Interchange, Industrial Flex SpaceMapApplicationSite Plan Approved 11/17/2022
North Interchange Self StorageMapApplication
Ocean Club Map Application Site Plan Approved 08/08/2021
Ormond Art Museum - Cottage ShedMapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 01/23/2023
Ormond Beach HoldingsMap
Site Plan Submitted 08/23/2022
Ormond Beach Holdings, land useMapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 05/05/2022
Ormond CentralMapApplication Site Plan Approved 12/08/2017 
Ormond Central Self-StorageMapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 12/15/2022
Ormond Gateway
Site Plan Approved 03/01/2021
Perrott Depot MapApplicationSite Plan Submitted (revised) 11/09/2021
Site Plan Approved 09/28/2021
Riverbend School ExpansionMapApplication
Shoppes at Granada PointeMapApplicationSite Plan Approved 12/14/2019 
Splash Car WashMapApplicationSite Plan Approved 01/14/2023
Site Plan Submittal 10/19/2022
Valiant Diner, Phase 3MapApplicationSite Plan Approved 11/14/2022
VROOMMapApplicationSite Plan Approved 11/17/2022
Walgreens commercial access improvements
Site Plan Approved 07/14/2022

Residential Properties

LocationApplicationSite Plan                
121 East
MapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 08/12/2022
Archer's Mill
MapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 12/14/2022
Cupola at Oceanside
MapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 11/21/2022
Ormond Enclave
MapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 09/28/2022
Plantation Oaks Phase, 1A
Site Plan Approved 08/27/2021
Plantation Oaks 2B
MapApplication Site Plan Approved 09/20/2018
Plantation Oaks 2C
MapApplicationSite Plan Approved 09/20/2018
Plantation Oaks 2D 
MapApplicationSite Plan Approved 09/20/2018
Regal Multifamily 
MapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 01/19/2023
MapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 01/17/2023
RidgeHaven West
MapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 10/31/22 
Stanton Grove MapApplicationSite Plan Approved 10/29/2022
Tattersall at Tymber Creek
MapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 08/12/2022
The Cupola at Oceanside
MapApplicationSite Plan Approved 08/25/2021
Tides Edge
MapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 11/14/2022
Tomoka Reserve
MapApplicationSite Plan Submitted 01/19/2023
Tymber Creek Apartments


Site Plan Submitted 11/28/2022