Neighborhood Improvement


The Neighborhood Improvement Division (NID) consists of the manager, two neighborhood improvement officers, one environmental improvement officer, and an administrative assistant.


Division responsibilities include the enforcement of a variety of codes and ordinances contained in the Land Development Code and Code of Ordinances. Each neighborhood improvement officer responds to citizen inquires on residentially zoned property in their assigned area. The city has been divided in half, one officer works on the north side of Granada Blvd.; the other on the south side of Granada Blvd. The environmental improvement officer responds to requests for tree removal permits on developed sites, conducts landscape maintenance inspections on developed commercial properties, and serves as the division's commercial property code officer.

Neighborhood Improvement participates in community outreach programs and is available to make code enforcement presentations to citizen groups, neighborhood associations, and other civic organizations.


To register a complaint, or to learn the status of a complaint please call 386-676-3352, you may also complete the online report a concern form, or send an email

Please be aware of a new Florida state law effective July 1st, 2021: A person designated as a code inspector may not initiate an investigation of a potential violation of a duly enacted code or ordinance by way of an anonymous complaint.  A person who reports a potential violation of a code or ordinance must provide his or her name and address before an investigation occurs.  

Understand that your name, phone number, and information then becomes part of the public record and is subject to disclosure upon request. The staff will normally respond to your inquiry within two days from receipt of the call. You may contact the complaint line to ask if any action has been taken with regard to your inquiry. 

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