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Drinking Water Quality Report

View the current Ormond Beach Drinking Water Quality Report.

Drinking Water Quality Report

Fluoride Notices

Important information regarding fluoride in drinking water.

Fluoride Notice (2007)

Community Water Fluoridation

Community Water Fluoridation - FAQ

Protect Your Plumbing & Sewer

Your plumbing and sewer systems are sensitive to receiving items intended to be disposed of in your household trash. Additionally, unwanted medications are not processed by the Wastewater Treatment Plant, therefore are passed through to the effluent water. Learn the proper ways to dispose of unwanted medications, cooking oil, grease and other household goods.

Sewer Facts

Reuse Water Service

View our reuse brochure and conservation measures for Ormond Beach's reuse customers.

Reuse Water Brochure

Utility Billing & Customer Service

Check utility rates and other information, access your City utility account, and more.

Utility Billing & Customer Service

Utility Programs

Utility Service Rates & Policies

View current utility service rates and policies for Ormond Beach.

Utility Service Rates & Policies