Procedure & Order of Business

City Commission Procedure

Procedure in the City Commission meetings, as well as the decorum of all persons participating in Commission meetings, is governed by the City Commission's officially adopted rules of procedure (Resolution No. 2022-153). 

All meetings of the City Commission and the boards and committees are open to the public and are conducted under the State of Florida's Sunshine Law.

Order of Business

At each meeting, the City Commission conducts business prepared in detail the preceding week and sent to the Commission for review. Items on the agenda are investigated and reviewed by the City Manager and staff so the City Commission can have all available facts prior to making decisions. Agenda items are organized on the agenda and appear in the official order of business adopted by the City Commission in their rules of procedure.


An ordinance is a legislative act of the City Commission and requires two readings with at least 10 days between each reading, unless otherwise stated within the ordinance.


A resolution expresses a formal intention of the Commission or directs certain types of administrative action and requires one reading only.