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Aviation Manufacturer Super Petrel USA, Inc. 

Takes Flight in Ormond Beach, Florida Since opening in January 2016, Super Petrel USA, Inc.’s new Aircraft Sales, Re-Assembly, and Parts Distribution Center at Ormond Beach Airport, (KOMN) Florida, has become the largest distributor of the Scoda Aeronautica-produced Super Petrel LS Aircraft worldwide 

In 2002, the Brazilian company Scoda Aeronautica produced its first Petrel LS 100 and has continued to manufacture the airplane for over 20 years. After the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) visited the Scoda Aeronautica factory in Ipeuna, Brazil, the aircraft received FAA approval under the S-LSA category as a Light Sport Aircraft. Today, more than 50 Super Petrel LS Aircraft are registered in the USA and over 400 worldwide. 

Setting Up Base of Operations in Ormond Beach, FL 

The team from Scoda knew that Florida was where they wanted to establish a base to distribute the Super Petrel in the United States. That part was easy. Where in Florida was the more difficult task, said President of Super Petrel USA, Inc Roger Helton. We explored locations like DeLand, New Smyrna, Palm Coast, and Port Orange before deciding on Ormond Beach. Ormond Beach was ideally situated for our needs. We were accepted by the City of Ormond Beach community, which has become a solid relationship with support and interest in helping us grow. 

Our airplane can access remote lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water that other airplanes cannot reach, which makes the Super Petrel unique, said Roger Helton. The business start-up was slow at first. We did not sell a single aircraft for the first two years. Then one day, we sold one, then a second one. We knew that once people became aware of the Super Petrel, then came to Ormond Beach for a demonstration flight, they would want to buy our airplanes. 

In the seven years Super Petrel USA, Inc has been operating in Ormond Beach, Florida, they have sold 50 planes. In 2022, they sold a record 22 planes, up 275% from 2021. As of April 2023, they have sold 12 of their new and improved XP Series aircraft, which means all available positions are sold into early spring of 2024. 

Scoda Aeronautica has now converted entirely to the new Super Petrel XP aircraft design, and production has begun. We will receive six new XPs this year and 12-14 in 2024. Our goal is to receive two new aircraft every month by 2025.


SuperPetrel XP2023

Ormond Beach, Florida, Is Where Super Petrel USA, Inc. Calls Home

“Ormond Beach, Florida, has been an excellent partner,” said President Roger Helton. “We host economic development events at our hangar with about 45-50 people from all backgrounds and share our Ormond Beach success story with them. At our next fall presentation, we will have the new XP aircraft on display and available just in time for demonstration flights.” 

Near-term plans for Super Petrel USA include a pilot refresher course for owners and operators. The course will consist of Maintenance and Flight ground schools and flight refresher training with the Super Petrel Flight Instructor Association (SPFIA) pilots. Additionally, the company will continue to attend the Riverfest Seafood Festival and demonstrate their new XP aircraft and its capabilities to attendees.

Ormond Beach Municipal Airport Has The Space And Infrastructure For Growing Businesses

The Ormond Beach Municipal Airport (KOMN) has supported Super Petrel USA, Inc with a storage hangar, office, and access to the maintenance and support of Ormond Aircraft Brokers. The airport supports flight training and steadily growing business activity with over 100 acres available for aerospace, aeronautical, and related services, including manufacturing, avionics, and commercial space activity. 

The region and state have a rich supply chain and skilled workforce to support the industry. The area is supported by organizations like Space Florida and the world’s leading aviation and aerospace university Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. 

Contact Brian Rademacher, Economic Development Director, for more information on how your business can experience success like Super Petrel USA, Inc in Ormond Beach, Florida.

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Ormond Beach is East Central Florida's Preferred Address for your Lifestyle.

Welcome to Paradise

Welcome to Ormond Beach located in east central Florida on the Atlantic Ocean in Volusia County. The City’s central location, mild climate, and warm hospitality makes it a fantastic vacation destination and place to call home. Small-town beach vibes permeate the city while providing a first-class environment for families to live, work and play.  

In Ormond Beach you will find a spectacular beach with sparkling ocean water and room to play, stroll, or just relax in the sun. The city’s Andy Romano Beachfront Park provides beach access, playground and splash pads and places to picnic with ocean views. 

sun rising over the beach in Ormond Beach Florida
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The area's natural beauty is home to many city and state parks. With over 295 acres of park space, multiple playgrounds and sports complexes, living in Ormond Beach provides opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. These beautiful parks are perfect for hiking, boating, or even just meeting friends in the park. Ormond Beach’s Central Park has almost 150 acres and five lakes connected for residents and visitors to kayak, fish, and learn about Florida’s diverse ecosystem at the city’s Environmental Discovery Center. 

You'll also find shady canopies of vintage oaks that you can drive or bicycle through. The Ormond Scenic Loop and Trail is a 30-mile roadway that leads you along the Atlantic coast through three state parks and several county and city parks. Perfect for avid cyclists looking for a long ride or hikers looking for the off-beaten path can access multiple hiking trails through forests along the scenic and serene Halifax and Tomoka Rivers.  

Halifax Tomoka RIver
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Location, Location, Location

Ormond Beach provides the perfect hub for all your travel needs. Located along Interstate 95 and Interstate 4, you can travel to a variety of fun and exciting experiences. Daytona Beach, just south of Ormond Beach, leads you to the thrills of NASCAR Racing and seasonal concert performances. A drive down I-4 will whisk you away to Orlando, the epicenter of theme parks from the Magic Kingdom, Sea World, to Universal. A scenic drive along historic A1A will take you back in time to St. Augustine, Florida’s oldest City, or head south one hour to visit the future of space exploration at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral. And you can easily drive coast to coast with Tampa Bay accessible in under 3 hours. If your travels are for business, Daytona Beach International Airport and the Interstate system makes access to national and international connections easy. 

Family Friendly

With a population of just over 43,000, Ormond Beach is a family-friendly city. The Ormond Beach Historic District stretches from the Atlantic Ocean west along Granada Boulevard, lined with local restaurants and shops. Access to diverse arts, culture, and history affords a treasure of opportunity. You can tour The Casements, which was the former winter home of John D. Rockefeller or visit the Ormond Memorial Art Museum and Gardens, which inspires the community through art and nature, offering activities and programs for people of all ages.  Local art galleries and art events take place all year long. Sports and extracurricular activities abound at the city's recreational facilities, which host professional, national, regional, college and high school competitive and recreational events.

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Great Place to Call Home

When you’ve experienced all the area has to offer and settled in, you will discover there are even more advantages to calling Ormond Beach home. The city is home to many of the finest public and private schools This includes schools serving grades kindergarten through high school. Several Ormond Beach schools have earned the State of Florida “A” Rating, and three have been honored as Florida Blue Ribbon Schools. Volusia County has exceptional medical facilities and hospitals across the county and nationally recognized facilities in nearby Jacksonville and Orlando. The city and region has a diverse and growing economy with a strong labor force and opportunity to grow professionally or expand your business. 

What Are You Waiting For?

Ormond Beach is a coastal community located in one of the fastest growing areas of Florida yet retains its small city charm.  Ormond Beach is vibrant, active, and offers a remarkable quality of life and a healthy business climate. Whether you are visiting or moving in, discover why Ormond Beach is the perfect address for your lifestyle.