Public Hearing Advertisements and Notices

This webpage is designed to provide additional information on public hearings processed by the Planning Department. This information is in addition to the required public hearing requirements contained in the Land Development Code. Additional information can be obtained by calling (386) 676-3238 or e-mailing The packets for the advisory boards and City Commission are published within their own webpage with the links provided below:

Board of Adjustment and Appeals (packets published seven days before meeting)

Brownfield Advisory Board (packets published seven days before meeting)

Historic Landmark Preservation Board (packets published seven days before meeting)

Planning Board (packets published seven days before meeting)

City Commission (packets published the Friday before meeting after 12:00 p.m.)

Ormond Arts District Board (packets published seven days before meeting)


October 2022

City Commission: October 5, 2022 and October 18, 2022

Board of Adjustment and Appeals: October 5, 2022

Planning Board: October 13, 2022

Historic Landmark Preservation Board: October 17, 2022

Ormond Arts District Board: October 19, 2022

BOAA: October 5, 2022

463 Hammock Lane                                                                                                                                                                 Request

630 South Beach Street                                                                                                                                                           Request

City Commission: October 5, 2022

Ormond MainStreet contract                                                                                                                                 Request

Police/Fire Impact fee work authorization                                                                                                             Request

Volusia County Park parcels - land use (2nd reading)                                                                                          Request

1405 North US Highway - Annexation (2nd reading)                                                                                            Request

Planning Board: October 13, 2022

350 Clyde Morris Blvd. (Paradise Pointe) wall waiver                                                                                          Request

Townhouse Land Development Code amendment (R-4, R-5, and R-6)                                                               Request

Pool Screen Enclosure setbacks, Land Development Code amendment                                                            Request

Variance expiration, Land Development Code amendment                                                                                 Request

MSA Land Development Code amendment                                                                                                         Request

City Commission: October 18, 2022

Florida Department of Environmental Protection Resilient Coastline Program Grant Agreement                        Request

Florida Resilient Grant Sub agreement with ECFRPC                                                                                         Request

North Interchange PBD                                                                                                                                         Request

Volusia County Park parcels-zoning                                                                                                                     Request

Tattersall at Tymber Creek PRD                                                                                                                           Request

Non-RidgeHaven parcels zoning amendments                                                                                                    Request

Coastal Element-Comp plan amendments                                                                                                           Request

364 Nottingham Street Release of Easement                                                                                                      Request