Benefits of Recreation
Parks and recreation resources protect our environment, preserve wildlife habitat, strengthen local economies, attract new businesses, contribute to the local tax base, increase property values, and improve the physical and mental health of citizens of all ages. 

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Health and Wellness for ALL People of ALL Abilities

Opportunities for active recreation are critical to individual and community health and wellness. We advocate for legislation that supports the growing role of public parks and recreation in improving individual and community health through the prevention of chronic disease, the rehabilitation of wounded service members, and the inclusion of individuals with disabilities in all activities. 

Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability

Parks and outdoor recreation lands are the essential green infrastructure of our communities and our nation. Parks and public recreation lands are carbon reducing landscapes that help clean our air and water, recharge aquifers, and reduce stormwater runoff. Through energy, climate change, and other legislative measures, we advocate for dedicated resources that will sustain, protect, restore, and expand these environmental assets. 

Children and Nature

The National Recreation and Parks Association regards improving children’s access to nature as a national policy priority. NRPA believes public parks and recreation are vital to the national effort to engage children in enjoying the outdoors, to provide safe, healthy ways to explore nature, and to enhance environmental education. 

Public Parks 

Parks and recreation agencies deliver essential public services and provide recreation opportunities for every community in America. NRPA advocates for federal investments that provide funding for the acquisition, development, and rehabilitation of parks and public lands as well as recreational infrastructure and resources. 

Monthly Park Showcase

May: Fortunato Park is a 2.6 acre riverfront park located just east of the Granada Bridge across from Rockefeller Gardens. The park offers scenic views of the Halifax River. The park is also home to the Ormond Hotel Cupola which is a historic landmark. Paved walking trails surround the grounds. The park is open from 6 am to 10 pm. 

Get Involved

  • Adopt-A-Park: The City of Ormond Beach Adopt-A-Park Program will improve and enhance parks through community involvement and citizen partnerships. By participating, local organizations, civic and church groups, scout troops, businesses, schools, neighborhood families, and individuals can take an active role in the beautification of our community and support of the City’s park system.
  • Volunteering: For more information on volunteering for the City of Ormond Beach Department of Leisure Services, please contact Stefan Sibley, Assistant Leisure Services Director, at 386-676-3246.
Thank you to our Adopt-A-Park Family! 
  • SANCHEZ PARK - Hailey Remigio and Hayleigh Ruddell
  • BAILEY RIVERBRIDGE GARDENS - Girl Scouts of Sunrise Service Unit
  • RIVIERA PARK - Cub Scout Pack #74
  • LIONS CLUB PARK - The Ormond Beach Lions Club
  • ROSEWOOD PARK - The Family of Robert and Marian Meader
  • CENTRAL PARK I - The Marston Family
  • CENTRAL PARK III - Ormond Beach Kiwanis Club
  • FIRE HOUSE PARK - Terry Howell and Lucy Maxwell.
Memorial Programs
  • Memorial Bench Program: The Memorial Bench Program was developed for those persons interested in donating a bench in one of our City parks in memory of a loved one.
  • Memorial Tree Program: The Memorial Tree Program was developed for those persons interested in donating a tree to be planted in one of our City parks in memory of a loved one.